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TPCO America Receives API Certification!

On August 29th, 2014

TPCO America started the process to apply for API Certification. In the following months, the TPCO America team began an extensive and collaborative effort to prepare for the crucial onsite audit. At the heart of the effort was TPCO America’s Quality department. Under the guidance of experts from America and China, the Quality department worked tirelessly with HR, Production, and Business to ensure that TPCO America reaches the highest level of quality in every aspect. From the shop floor workers to the department managers, the entire TPCO America team pulled together for one purpose.

By December of 2014

The TPCO America team was ready. API performed an on-site audit, spanning three days, in which TPCO America’s production, training, records keeping, supplier management systems, infrastructure and more were all reviewed in depth.

On January 28th 2015

API certified that TPCO America met or exceeded the API Q1 quality management standard, the highest of API standards. Subsequently, TPCO was issued an API 5CT Monogram License. Throughout the API process, TPCO America has re-affirmed its continuing commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and producing a high grade product.

Congratulations to the TPCO America Team for achieving success in API Certification!

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